genießen_smallA break for refreshment in the shade of tall trees is an enjoyable part of every cycling adventure. But one should only have to pause for rest and refreshments—never be forced to pause because of aching limbs or joints.

Whether you are drawn to cycling for the thrill of the sport, the love of nature, or purely for means of transportation, cycling should never be an unpleasant ordeal. The optimal condition occurs when the rider has an ergonomic system that they can operate easily: a perfect cooperation between man and machine. The rider’s seating comfort and driving ease largely impact this harmony.

Unfortunately, not all bicycles come equipped with the latest and most effective components. Skilled retailers offer the most current technology to maximize the rider’s experience. Retrofitting is usually possible with little to no complications. With our special accessories a sub-par bicycle can become a high-quality, tailored comfort system for every adventure.