. . . The sheer pleasure of cycling!
In this category, you can see our products in action—sometimes in a tough endurance test, and sometimes with a wink 😉 .

The G.1 parallel seat post has been successfully tested by the Institute velotech by Din EN147766-MTB with inflated weight test load. It is suitable for bicycles, pedelecs and e-bikes up to 45 km/h (27 mph).

Moreover, the G.1 has also completed a costly and unusual "ordeal with a gorilla in a construction-site rodeo".



The operation of our components is amazingly simple.
Watch the video and see the proof!

Speedlifter twist pro SDS

Speedlifter stem twist SDS


The installation of our systems must be done very carefully. We strongly recommend the installation of Speedlifter by a qualified dealer. To those who still want to do it themselves, please take a detailed look at the mounting instruction video and observe the assembly instructions carefully.

G.1 premium light