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Two watches – endless possibilities

Our wide range of accessories includes two watches with slightly different details such as rim and face color. The external dimensions are identical so that the watch may fit in many different mounts. In our special bracelet they make a great wrist watch; in a keychain they are always handy. The most important thing is that we also offer cases for the A-Head stem. Here the clock easily replaces the stem cap so it is always in view of the rider.

Both the watch face and the rim can be printed with advertisement. For additional advertising, a bottle cap may also be used, as a standard bottle cap fits in all of our watch mounts.


Tube Valve Adapter

Often, the little things can make a big difference. For example, inflating the tires while on a trip can be complicated. A large pump is not a viable option for travel, and a small pump is always annoying to carry. With our practical valve adapters hanging from your key ring, a gas station air hose will fill your tires in no time. The small, anodized aluminum adapter is made to connect DV or SV valves to a car valve port. The adapters also have two helpful tool functions: if the valve is not positioned correctly, it can be tightened or replaced using the same tool.