Height Adjustment


Speedlifter classic

Speedlifter classic is our best-selling product that has been installed on thousands of bikes since 1998. The Speedlifter allows the handlebar height to be adjusted in seconds without any tools. Just open the clamp lever – Adjust to the desired height – Close clamp lever. This can be done anytime and anywhere without tools and without effort. Re-adjustment to the driving position is not necessary because a vertical guide keeps the handlebar in the correct position. A built-in stop also prevents the handlebar being accidentally pulled out.

For many large bicycle manufacturers Speedlifter is the uncompromised choice for almost all of their bicycles; however, Speedlifter can also be retrofitted to most bikes. A wide network of skilled retailers are selling and installing Speedlifter.

Speedlifter twist

The popular Speedlifter twist combines Speedlifter technology with a handlebar rotation feature. The handlebar can not only be adjusted in height, but can just as easily rotate up to 90 degrees left or right. As with Speedlifter classic, no tools are required and the twist function is equally user-friendly. Simply: Open clamp lever – Unlock – Twist handlebar – Close clamp lever.

Speedlifter twist pro SDS

The Speedlifter twist pro SDS is the complete package. It offers the adjustment options of both the Speedlifter classic and twist plus an integrated angle-adjustable stem. It also includes our SDS plate (Standard Docking System). This is the ideal adapter for electronics and standard accessories such as phone, lamp, Garmin, cycling computer, and more. It’s the perfect solution for a tidy and clean bike “dashboard”.

The adjustment of the stem angle requires an Allen wrench

Speedlifter twist plus

The Speedlifter twist plus offers the functions of the Speedlifter twist with the additional feature of an angle-adjustable stem. The large, built-in quick-release lever allows for easy adjustment of the inclination of the stem. Completely tool-free.