is an internationally renowned manufacturer of special components for bicycles and e-Bikes, which serve mainly to improve ergonomics and driving comfort. Its core product is the A-Head adjustment Speedlifter which allows for safe, simple and a tool-free adjustment of the handlebar height. Over half a million bicycles and e-Bikes are equipped with these systems worldwide. Speedlifter provides riders with the flexibility for a comfortably high ride, which is conducive for both sporting endeavors and driving ergonomics. Other successful products include the parallel suspension seat post G.1 and various high-quality components such as the A-Head watches that are integrated into the handlebar stem. All products were developed by by.schulz in Saarbrücken, Germany and independently tested to the production stage. These products are protected by several patents and trademarks.


How we started

Over 20 years ago, bike technician and cyclist Markus Schulz had a brilliant idea: A handlebar with variable height for the then-new A-Head stems. A handlebar that can easily be adjusted using only a quick release lever. The idea came to him while in the workshop: a new system allowing you to simply adjust the height in seconds, without tools, and without the hassle of aligning the handlebars after adjusting. The ideal solution for sporty, comfortable, and practical adjustments to fit speed and terrain needs anytime and anywhere.

A quick-release solution for handlebar height sounds simple at first, but is susceptible to many pitfalls because the handlebar is subjected to extreme pressure. This means that the quick-release lever must have it “under control”—a loose handlebar would lead to a disastrous fall. Furthermore, the A-Head steering bearer is clamped within the fork and must be unchanged, even if the height of the handlebar is adjusted. Consequently, various prototypes were built and sent through rigorous testing until the Speedlifter was eventually patented. Mass production began in Germany in 1997. Only three years later, the demand for the Speedlifter was very large and most of the finished goods had to be shipped to a bike manufacturer overseas. With entrepreneurial foresight, Markus Schulz then decided to also move the production of the Speedlifter to Asia.

Over time, the demands of the market not only increased, but also changed: there became a need to adjust not only the height of the handlebar, but its resting position as well. In 2006, the by.schulz team successfully brought the Speedlifter twist to the market. The new tool-free 90 degree twist feature was greatly received into the market. The e-bike pioneer, Flyer, in Switzerland included the twist feature in their products on a large scale. At this time, the Speedlifter twist had become a popular choice by many famous brands.

The success of Speedlifter and the positive feedback from the industry and trade professionals strengthened the by.schulz team to create further advanced and demanding bicycle components. Their primary developments were the parallel suspension seat post G.1 Urban, which began development in 2014. At that time there were already many suspension seat posts available on the market; however, the existing suspensions were inadequate in many ways. Schulz’ idea was a high quality and extremely durable parallel suspension design, with a central spring element that responds sensitively. A small tube is placed in the seat post spring that intercepts shocks—no lever or pistons must move first. Thus, the G.1 Urban is praised for its immediate response to shock and solid design. This seat post is now available in many variants, so almost any bike or e-bike can be equipped with the ideal seat.

During this time, by.schulz developed an international trade structure for wholesale, retail sales and international bike manufacturer. The design momentum of the company gained momentum when Gerd Brücker joined the team. He had already a strong background as a creative designer for industry products and he became responsible for the latest product developments: The G.1 seat post, the A- Head Stem twist with an integrated SDS adapter.

Development of passion
"I would bring no component on the market that I would not want to ride myself on my bike tours. That means the function, reliability and high quality must satisfy my needs. Only then I can recommend my products to other cyclists with a clear conscience," says Schulz about the motivation of his work. Therefore, interaction with his customers, partners, and the professional world is extremely important. “Trade fairs, international exhibitions and visits to manufacturers are very important to us. Here we learn firsthand how to maintain our products in the market and which enhancements and modifications would be useful," said Schulz. No one in his team considers their work to be a “job”—instead, all are fascinated by the idea of developing new, sophisticated components that make cycling more enjoyable, comfortable, and safer.


Saarbrücken and all over the world

Markus Schulz, owner of by.schulz GmbH, is a native Saarländer. The trained bicycle mechanic has worked as an independent contractor in the bicycle industry since 1989. The by.schulz headquarters is located in the heart of Saarbrücken and is the center of product design and development. All international activities and administrative needs are led by industry expert and business-minded bike enthusiast Robert Koch.

by.schulz manufacturing has been based out of Taiwan for 15 years, mostly because their largest customers are also located in Asia. Though, cost advantages are not the primary reason. "Most of our OEM partners can produce locally. If we would manufacture in Europe, we would have to ship or fly our parts overseas. That would be expensive and would delay the supply chain unnecessarily," Schulz says about the background of his outsourcing.

Team by.schulz: Smart, reliable, competent

Besides creator, Markus Schulz, the "Speedlifter core team" consists of industrial designer Gerd Brücker and businessman Robert Koch. All have many years of international professional experience. With broad expertise, the by.schulz team is able to purposefully implement new developments and series production. Longstanding contacts and excellent cooperation with manufacturing companies and trading partners in Taiwan over the years, has resulted in reliable international partnerships and friendships.

Team Speedlifter: f.l.t.r. Gerd Brücker, Markus Schulz, Robert Koch