Is inflating a tube with French vales at a gas station with the valve adapters really easy?

Yes, our adapters are suitable for German (DV) and French (FV) valves. Additionally, it’s a tool for easy replacements of car and SV valves.


What is an A-Head stem and fork tube?

An A-Head steering fork has a tube without thread. It is used in conjunction with the A-Head stem that clamps directly on the fork tube.

Handlebar Height Adjustment

Can I install the Speedlifter myself?

In principle, yes; however, the assembly requires specialist knowledge. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you have it installed by a qualified dealer.

Can one use spacers when mounting the Speedlifter?

Yes, between the steering ring and the Speedlifter, spacer rings can be used up to 20 mm in total.

In the assembly instructions for the Speedlifter systems it says that the fork tube must be slotted. Is that really necessary?

Yes, absolutely. The installation instructions must be observed in exact detail.

Is it possible to install a child seat on the tube of the Speedlifter?

Unfortunately this is not possible. The Speedlifter tube is not suitable for this.

On my Crossbike, an A-Head stem with 10 mm spacer rings is installed on the steering ring. Is that enough to mount the Speedlifter twist?

Yes, the stem usually has a height of 40 mm. With the spaces included it is 50mm in total. Necessary are 46 mm. More details can be found in the installation manual.

To what angle can the stem of the Speedlifter twist pro be adjusted?

Up to 70 degrees upward and 10 degrees downward: a total of 80 degrees.

Handlebar Rotation

Can the Stem twist pro also accommodate a handlebar with 25.4 mm diameter?

Yes, with a corresponding aluminum shim.

Does the twistable stem fit on forks with thread?

Not directly. Stem twist is an A-Head system, though it can be mounted with special A-Head adapters on 1” or 1 1/8” fork tubes.

I often take my bike on the bus or the train, and the handlebar is often in the way. Is rotating the handlebar really that simple?

Absolutely! Rotating the handlebar using the twist systems is easily accomplished without tools. Returning to the driving position and locking the handlebars in place firmly is just as easy. Adjusting and returning to original position takes only a few seconds.

Seat Post

Can one shorten the seat post so it fits into a smaller frame?

This is not a problem—the spring element is completely parallel to the mechanism.

How far does the G.1 Urban stick out from the frame when it is fully installed?

The G.1 Urban is very compact with a length of only 99 mm.

Is the parallel suspension seat post also available for a steel frame?

Yes, the G.1 Urban may be used, and it comes in diameters of 26.4, 26.8, 27.2 mm (all 350 mm long).

Is the seat post usable for my weight of 130 kilograms (285 pounds)?

Yes, the G.1 Urban has been extensively tested with weight up to 150 kilograms (325 pounds).

What is the difference between the G.1 Urban and the G.1 Urban LT seat post?

The Urban LT has longer spring travel. The Urban is about 30 mm, versus the LT of 50 mm with an installation height of 130 mm.