A-Head Vorbau Adapter-Schaft

A-Head Stem Adapter-Quill 1 1/8" or 1"

• To mount the Stem twist A-Head stem on threaded steering fork tube
• Available for use with both 1" and 1 1/8" A-Head stems



Stem Shim

• Anodized aluminum shims for mounting handlebars with 25.4 mm clamping diameter on oversized stems with 31.8 mm.
• Precise two-piece design with excellent clamping action
• Width 41 mm, and thus suitable for many stem-handlebar combinations


Speedlifter Shim A-Head

• Especially for Speedlifter classic and Speedlifter twist shaft tubes
• Anodized aluminum spacer shim, slotted with stop collar for stem and fork tube.
• For assembly of 1 1/8 "A-Head stems on Speedlifter 1" fork tube.
• Sizes are available for A-Head forks with steel steerer tube: internal diameter 25.4 x 39.5 mm for stem clamping height 40 mm, 25.4 x 44.5 mm for stem clamping height 45 mm and 25.4 x 49.5 mm for stems with clamping height 50 mm.
• Available diameters for A-Head forks with aluminum shaft:
Inside diameter 24.4 to 24.6 mm x 39.5 mm stem clamp for height 40 mm and from 24.4 to 24.6 x 44.5 mm for Stems with clamping height 45 mm

SDS Adapter

Stem Docking System (SDS) is our basic system for different accessories in the stem area; including lamp, bottle holders, GPS and much more. Here, various accessories can also be combined, such as lamp with GPS or mobile phone. To install the base adapter the handlebar must not be loosened or removed. The accessory can be easily mounted in combination with the adapter to the SDS stem plate from the outside.


SDS stem plate, 4-hole 31,8 mm

• Forged aluminum anodized stem plate with special housing for the SDS Basic adapter
• Fits on the Stem twist and all by.schulz stems with 31.8 mm clamping size.
• Can be combined with standard stems (handlebar 31.8mm) with same hole positions


• Anodized aluminum with M6 clamping screw
• Two sizes available: 7 mm and 10 mm width
• For installation of lamps or special adapters for additional accessories
• Requires the SDS stem plate

SDS Adapter-Bottle-holder-200x250

Bottle Holder

• Anodized aluminum with two M5 threads for bottle cage assembly
• Fits standard bottle cages
• Requires the SDS stem plate and the SDS Basic Adapter