Special Tools for a Simple Installation

For mounting and maintenance of Speedlifter systems as well as other by.schulz products we offer high-quality special tools. Using these tools all necessary assembly works can be performed in a safe, quick professional way.


Cutting Tool Pro

• Drilling and sawing template for the initial assembly. Solid dealer version made of galvanized steel, including a 6 mm metal drill
• Use for precise cutting and slitting the metal head tube in combination with a hand drill and hacksaw
• Fits steering column tubes with outer diameter 1 1/8" (28.6 mm)


Simple Draw Tool 1 1/8"

• Simple thin aluminum template for marking the hole and slot on the steering column tube
• Affordable alternative for Cutting Tool Pro
• Fits steering column tubes with outer diameter 1 1/8 "(28.6 mm)


• High-quality hex wrench: Y-shaped
• Key dimensions: 4, 5 and 6 mm


Compact Key SW 36

• Used to adjust the steering bearing of the Speedlifter
• Compact design (travel version)
• 36 mm width